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ID:CON_01525829Referencia Original:14974606.jpgAutor:Jean-Marc Caimi/ReduxInstrucciones:Precio y/o condiciones especiales. Special price and/or conditions. Requiere autorizaciOn / Requires approval. Para la imagen en alta resoluciOn, por favor contacte con la agencia. / For the high resolution file, please contact the agencyOrigen:ReduxCopyright:2018 © Jean-Marc Caimi/Redux / CONTACTOPie de Imagen:The Mberra camp in Mauritania is located 50 km from the border of Mali where conflicts between Tuareg rebels seeking for independence and government forces have plagued the country since 1992. The camp hosts mostly Tuareg and Arab people and with its 50.000 refugees population can be considered as the 7th most populated city of Mauritania. The UNHCR managed camp is placed in the middle of a hot desert where temperatures reach 48 in the summer. Mauritanian government allows refugees to work in their country and give them some tax concessions. But international help budgets for this particular conflict have been dramatically cut in the last year and a half , bringing the camp to critical conditions with the risk of food and water shortage, a condition they share with the nearby Bassikounou a 10.000 local people village. In spite of the harsh living conditions a musical scene sprung up in the camp thanks to a bunch of Tuareg and Arab musicians. They play traditional instruments, violas, tambours, modern guitars and self built gear, making the most of spare parts and the little means around. They sing about their land, revolution, love, nostalgia, life and death. *** Local Caption *** 14974606