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ID:CON_01461835Referencia Original:Livestreamers-Geishas Internet-6Autor:Jerome Gence / CosmosInstrucciones:Precio y/o condiciones especiales. Special price and/or conditions. Requiere autorizaci—ón / Requires approval. Para la imagen en alta resoluci—ón, por favor contacte con la agencia. / For the high resolution file, please contact the agencyOrigen:CosmosCopyright:2017 © Jerome Gence / Cosmos / CONTACTOPie de Imagen:Seoul, South Korea. In the room he occupies at his parents' home, Yashigi (right), mukbang livestreamer, prepares packets of noodles that he has decided to eat in front of his fans during the next livestreaming session. He also invited one of his fans (left) to come and see behind the scenes of his sessions. The fan: "I have some friends in real life but often no one to eat with. I like watching mukbang livestreaming sessions and I hope to become one soon." Yashigi: "Before, I was a private teacher of history and sociology. I started preparing for my exams to become a state professor but I gave up when I started the livestreaming sessions two years ago. Today, I am a full time livestreamer. This requires organization. You have to prepare the food, edit the videos for replays for the fans who can't follow live. You must also take care of your body. I always count calories. If for example today I eat 6,000 calories, the next day I will only eat 1,000 calories. For lunches, I only eat 500 calories. I do a lot of sports, so for now, I have not gained weight."