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AutorRaymond Depardon
DescripciónUSA. New York City. Brooklyn. May 9, 2017. Today, lots of young people are going to live in Brooklyn. They’re leaving Manhattan, where rents are more expensive and neighborhood life is non-existent. We live better in Brooklyn, there are green spaces and lots of nice cafes and restaurants. It’s an immense burrough, connected to Manhattan by the metro. We think of Paul Auster and his writings on the neighborhood. Landscape photography is always a bit prophetic, as it shows important transformations in the lives of people that hint at how their votes may change 10 years from now. Increasingly, city centers are deserted, only the poor, the rich, and the offices remain. That's what happens in Manhattan. (Published in Libération on May 10, as part of the “Correspondence New-Yorkaise 2017” Series.)
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